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Formal Guidelines for contributors


The Alicante Journal of English Studies (RAEI) publishes the following types of contributions:

  1. Full-length articles (8,000-12,000 words in length) on all topics within the field of English studies (linguistics, literary criticism, literature, teaching methodology, and translation and interpreting).
  2. Reviews (around 1,500-2,000 words) of recently published books (appeared within two years from the date of submission).


Manuscripts should be submitted online (in Microsoft Word format) at, and should be prepared in accordance with the guidelines provided below. Manuscripts not conforming with these guidelines will be returned to the authors for revision. In case of proposals using symbols, you are kindly requested to add a pdf version.

RAEI does not support duplicate submissions: only manuscripts offered exclusively to this Journal will be considered for publication, and specific confirmation must be made by the proponent(s) that such duplicate submission has not taken place.

The only language of publication is English.

All personal details must be absent from the manuscript itself, which must include a 200-word abstract.

Authors must provide the following information in a separate file:

  • Title of the manuscript
  • Author's name
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Full institutional address, including postal code, telephone and fax numbers.
  • E-mail address
  • Total number of words, including works cited and notes
  • Bionote

Submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Suitable considering the aim and scope of the journal.
  • Relevant to current research in the field.
  • Original in relation to subject matter, method, data or findings.
  • Well-argumented as regards analysis and discussion of results.
  • Adequate as to the presentation of hypothesis, use of concepts and methodology.
  • Readable, accurate, and linguistically appropriate.

Any instance of plagiarism, be it in the form of lack of attribution of ideas or literal usage of text without correct mention of sources, will be grounds for instant rejection at any stage of the publication process, when such plagiarism is detected.


Double quotation marks should be used for citations. Single quotes may be used to draw attention to a particular item in the text. Words from other languages, and words intended to be especially emphasized, should be italicized. References in the text to publications should include the author's surname, the year of publication, and, if necessary, page numbers, as in the following example:

As Wilson (1997a: 16) suggests ...

This has been pointed out by several authors (Wilson, 1996: 123-126; Thompson, 1998)

Bibliographical references

The bibliography should be included at the end of the manuscript, on a separate page, following the MLA Style Manual (this only applies to the bibliographical references at the end of the paper; for in-text citations, please see above).

Author's full first names should be used unless the authors themselves customarily use only initials.

References to two or more works by the same author in a single year should be accompanied by a lower-case a, b, etc. after the year of publication, both in the reference list and in citations in the text.


Endnotes should be typed as normal text (i.e., not automatically generated by the text processor) at the end of the article before the references, and should be as few and as short as possible. Their corresponding numbers in the main text should be typed as superscripts.


Current (CG Times or Times New Roman) typefaces should be used, and special symbols should be avoided as much as possible. Should these be strictly necessary, a .pdf (portable document format) version must also be enclosed.


Authors are kindly requested to check carefully their manuscripts before submitting them. Editors reserve the right to correct, or to have corrected, non-native use of English, which may also constitute grounds for manuscript refusal.

Authors' benefits

Upon publication in RAEI, authors of articles will receive a copy of the volume in which their article is published and a pdf file of their contribution. The authors of reviews will also be sent one copy of the volume.


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